Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to my business site...

My plan for this new site is to use it to post information on my work to give clients more of an insight into my gardening services available to them.

For anyone wanting references from clients who I've worked with, I'm very happy to provide these as I regularly hear how people have been let down by those who promise the earth and fail to provide clients with what they're looking for - especially difficult if your property is a second home and you're not there to oversee any work being carried out. I'm happy to send photos of any work done whilst you're not there and for larger projects I'll send you pictures to show ongoing progress.

I've tried to adopt a flexible approach to my work as clients' needs vary considerably. So don't ever feel that your project is too small or too large. You may just want some advice as to what to plant in the garden or how to tackle a specific area, want someone to come and show you how to prune your roses - I could go on as the list is endless!

So watch this space for more information - in the meantime if you want to get in touch I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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