Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011 Garden Design & Gardening in Brittany Update...

Just incase anyone new to this site wonders if I'm still work as a Designer and Gardener in Brittany... well I am!  I've just been so busy with work there hasn't been anytime to update this site... and what better way to use a Sunday afternoon with the rain pouring down outside which is a welcome sight with such a dry few months here... one of the driest on record!

Aside of all the gardens that I maintain here for people; mostly with second homes, one of my larger projects this year was for one of my longest standing clients who live in Jersey. I undertook this project along with a local French landscape designer. These are the photos before we started!

They were keen to soften the look to the front of their property creating a terrace from local granite that was more in-keeping with the style of their house and making it a much more pleasant area to sit in and enjoy a BBQ or glass of wine, opening up the views from the terrace by removing some of the rather large shrubs and replacing them with a more natural style of planting using a mix of grasses and perennial plants in the main.  The following photos show the early stages of this project and once the initial planting had been done.

Most of the stone that was used in the terrace area came from a a tumbled down granite building on a small plot that the couple had recently bought. The posts are locally sourced slate which, once the grasses and taller perennials grow up, should contrast well with the soft-style planting.
I'll hope to be able to update you on the progress with this project as the plants develop!

This sweet little house in the middle of a village in Northern Brittany belongs to another client where I recently undertook to give his garden an overhall... incase you're interested it is now up for sale so if you'd like any more information do get in touch.

Here are some of the before and after shots of the work in their garden!

I've also had a whole mass of other projects on the go as well and I hope to have the chance to update you on some of these in the coming weeks... I thought I'd finish off with some updated photos of the garden makeover I showed in one of my first postings on here...

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